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A tool used to measure the brutality of something.

-brutal: is used for light brutality

-dude thats brutal: is used for mediocre brutality


-o fuck dude, that was fucking brutal: is used for moments of extreme brutality
-brutal: can be anything from hit in the balls to a slap across the face, or used to explain metal bands.

-dude thats brutal: can be used for massive accidents causing severe pain or non-accidents causing severe pain, or used to explain heavy metal bands.

-FUCKING BRUTAL: can be used for things causing death, or to explain death metal bands.

-o fuck dude, that was fucking brutal: can be used for things that cause a really messed up, unusual, slow, severely painful, or random death, or to explain deathcore/grindcore bands (in some cases death metal bands)

if you see a person's head get ripped off by Sasquatch the brutameter says its ok to say, "o fuck dude, that was fucking brutal"
by Brett Larsen October 12, 2008

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