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1 definition by Brett Heneghan

A consumer product that was purchased new or like new with apparent malfunctions.

Though most of the products released to the public have high standards and may have high consumer ratings, some products just flat out suck and lots of things go wrong with them.

This is usually more prevelant to products that have electrical components or require specialty repair.

The Mac Book Pro has had good reviews by most consumers, but mine is a lemon because it does not function as expected.

My Mac Book Pro is a lemon. It is a piece of shit.

The refrigerator in my house is a lemon because though it is suppose to keep all of my food cold, it fails to do so on a regular basis though it is still pretty new.

My GE refrigerator is a lemon. GE can suck my balls.
by Brett Heneghan August 14, 2006