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99 cent arizona iced tea tall boy
dude 1: dude whats yr favorite zona?
dude 2: Arnold Palmer all the way baby!!!
by Brett Gazes June 18, 2008
snacks sold in bodegas and corner stores worldwide. choices can range anywhere from cream cheese danishes to doritos to Arizona iced tea tall boys. none of these items cost more than a dollar.
dude 1: dude I'm going down to the 'dega for crack snacks. whatcha want.
dude 2: gimme a zona and some some coconut cookies
by Brett Gazes June 18, 2008
The Bedford Stuyvestant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Usually used when proclaiming it as the best neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Mostly white people and hipsters use it to up their blackness.
"So, I rode my track bike through Clinton Hill and ended up in Best Stuy. That shit was so ethnic! There was a mural portrait of Jay-Z and Crown Fried Chickens fuckin' everywhere!"
by Brett Gazes August 21, 2008

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