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Prior to receiving slop on your knob, one must shave their pubes with a mach 3 and hold said pubes in hand. After busting an enourmous nut in girls, one must follow this romantic act but throwing said pubes in girls face, similar to the motion where one is throwing darts.
When I was a young boy I enjoyed search for young ladies (like melissa ) who would allow me to give them dirty gorillas on the daily.
by Brett Burnette December 13, 2007
The build up of sweat,fugus, and possible a yeast infection in the kooter region.
J man went to the ER after eating sexy mels kooter cake.
by Brett Burnette December 13, 2007
A slang term for handjob.
Yo melissa let me get a hammy j?

Did you get a hammy j from melissa?
by Brett Burnette December 13, 2007
One who gives many blumpkins out, not only do they give many of these foul pleasures out but do it in a mean way.
As young girl, melissa was diagnosed with blumpkinitis by a world class doctor. From then on she was known as the blumpkinator.
by Brett Burnette December 13, 2007

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