127 definitions by Brett

A person that seems to spend far too much time on the Overlander Forum.
Oh, and an animal that loves sheep....
See him at www.overlander.com.au
by Brett December 04, 2003
A big floppy dick without a tip.
Cassie didn't enjoy Richard's flabber.

Because Richard had a flabber, he could not feel anything while he was having sex, rendering him useless to the human race.
by brett February 22, 2005
MSRB is the acronym said at the beginning of Counter-Strike scrimmages.
GL! HF! DD! Dont GO B! MSRB!!!!!!!!
by Brett January 07, 2005
to feel thirsy or dehydrated
"Man, I need a drink. I feel so droughted!"
by Brett November 18, 2004
ruined, broken
also in serious trouble
Wow, that window is done!

What the fuck did you call me??? You're DONE!!!
by Brett May 16, 2003
n. crap, on a stick, frozen. i.e. an after-school treat loved by many children all around the world.
After school we went over to Mark's house for a refreshing ice-cold crapsickle treat.
by Brett December 17, 2004
Nipples that are the size of dinner plates or bigger
God Damn, did you see Jennies nipples? Shes got some dish tits.
by Brett October 24, 2004
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