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A kid who is a god damn ass hole.
That little Shit bastard is a mother fucker face
by Brett August 21, 2004
what makes the world go round
metallica is the best music
by Brett June 19, 2003
When a group of males (more than 3) get together and wrap their penises around in such a way that it makes a chain of penises, or a 'dinklink'. Dinkalink is what we call the group that is doing the dinklinking.
My penis sure hurts after that dinkalink at the Boy George show.
by Brett December 06, 2004
A gay man(or woman)who is not mindful of his or her partner's needs. A selfish or thoughtless fag or dyke.
"My Boyfriend doesn't pay attention to me when we go out." "Can you say 'Homo-Neglectus?'"
by Brett March 26, 2004
A racial term used to describe a black person
Used in place of the word "nigger"
I hate Jamal, he is such a jungle baby.
by Brett October 24, 2004
the struggling coach and soon to be rapper with his smash single "these people try to fade me".from homestarrunner.com
coach z:ive got a great costume!"
by brett October 16, 2003
the events that take place at Thomas Hanes' house, once a small gathering of friends is now known to many, activities include all-night gaming, table-top role-playingness, reality melee battles
"We were basically the only group of people who could have fun without the use of a keg or a bowl" - Cole
Whats going on this friday, oh thats right we are having Tomicon.
by Brett October 24, 2004
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