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made at beatstreet, sprunk is the act of gettin crunk off of srpite... made originally by brett kaz and shane p
mmm son... this shit can get me sprunk in a jiffy!

Wow, he must be really sprunk because he just got with that thick chick over there!
by brett December 22, 2004
To spontaneously throw one's Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the air after seeing or hearing something that tingles their nerd-senses
Melvin: Oh, gee golly... The new X-men game is out for all consoles!!

Heimlech: !!! OMG!! *nerdgasm*
by Brett October 02, 2004
stephanie i told u that gullable was in the dictionary twice and u believed me.
stephanie is so gullable for looking here
by BRETT February 12, 2004
A block of programming on Cartoon Network that airs later at night. It features mostly funny mid-90's cartoons like Family Guy and Futurama and the rest is filled with stupid shit like anime, talking food items, and whatever other shit they can find to throw on there. Known for their 'creative' and 'cool' segues to and from commercials.
"Hey, we can't go for a run....Adult Swim is on. We'd better sit on our asses and watch this shit instead."
by Brett September 12, 2004
waka laka is a very hard 8 step song because of the doubles, it is rather annoying and I can't do it. Its confusing
Waka Laka sucks!
by brett August 24, 2003
poofter army asshole
captain america thinks he one tough son-of-a-bitch(mark flissinger)
by brett August 11, 2003
One of your friends is passed out drunk on the floor and you put your huge boner in his mouth and take a picture. Then you black mail him with the picture to get what you want.
Steve got so wasted last week, I gave him a sleeping beauty and then he bought me a new car.
by Brett January 23, 2005
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