126 definitions by Brett

the biggest pussy alive, walk into one of those metrosexual mall stores and yanni is cranking, you know. the music you think "what fucker likes this?" thats yanni
yanni sucks!
by brett June 14, 2004
To tell someone to shut up.
You need to sha!!!!!!
by Brett February 02, 2005
The name I call my cat.
Hey smokey, shut up with ur crying
by Brett July 20, 2004
when you are showering and someone comes in the bathroom and takes a shit.
tim laid down a harcore poocha when i was bathing.

man that was some poocha
by brett February 10, 2004
A tasty drink created when pineapple juice is combined with apple juice.
"Good Christ, I'm horny! Maybe I need to cool off."
"Here. Have some pornapple juice."
by brett December 24, 2003
domp is a variable it can be substituted for anyone and anything
i just domped him up the domp
by brett July 17, 2003
made at beatstreet, sprunk is the act of gettin crunk off of srpite... made originally by brett kaz and shane p
mmm son... this shit can get me sprunk in a jiffy!

Wow, he must be really sprunk because he just got with that thick chick over there!
by brett December 22, 2004

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