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The car in your blind spot that won't go away.
It doesn't matter if I speed up or slow down--I can't shake this remora.
by Bretorious February 20, 2011
When two guys both want to hit on the same girl, but don't want to lose a good friendship over the results, a competition results, and a Race for Tang is declared.
Guy 1: "Yeah, the blonde is nice, but I like the redhead."

Guy 2: "Hey, I had my eye on the redhead!"

Guy 1: "Okay, then. Race for Tang!"
by Bretorious April 25, 2011
Trip to Graceland. All old ladies have to make the pilgrimage at least once before they die.
Nah, Grandma ain't here. She's off on her old lady hajj to Graceland.
by Bretorious July 01, 2011
Late at night when the roads are clear of traffic, following traffic laws is completely pointless and unnecessary. It is at this magical hour that Midnight Rules kick in! Go as fast as you want! Use ALL the concrete! Hell with stoplights!
"Man, how did you get here so fast?!"

"Midnight Rules, man. Midnight Rules.
by Bretorious April 12, 2011
Very, very hungry.
I'm friggin' hungry! I'm fungry!
by Bretorious February 20, 2011

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