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Where you lay out a load of empty 2 litre bottles in a row, place a skateboard with no wheels ontop, run and jump on it, and then roll along. It's bloody hard and can hurt like hell, but its pretty fun to do.
"Have you just been bottle skating?"
"Yeah, and I've fractured my wrist in two places."
"But it was fun, right?"
"Hell yeah!"
by Brentmeister May 20, 2005
A technique used by pissed-off chickens to get back at farmers for feeding them the bread equivilent of soot and mucus and then killing them. It involves bending over just when a farmer is leaning close, and then firing out an egg like a bazooka at around 65-70 mph into his face. Those who get egg shell in his eye get a standing ovation and double their daily ration of corn.
"Ah shit. I just got chicken bombed. Oh god I think I'm blind!"
by Brentmeister May 22, 2005
1. The catchphrase of the two switch maestro penguins in their advert.

2. The last, vain attempt to get a laugh once a joke has gone flat. Usually unsuccessful.
1."Dum-dum-dum-da-dum, Rut-tut-tut."

2. "and then the French guy says 'deoderant, what's that?'. Heheh (awkward silence). Umm.. rut-tut-tut?"
by Brentmeister May 21, 2005

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