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18 definitions by Brent sandwick

An interesting and cool email service. You will not receive a lot of spam.
by Brent sandwick November 25, 2011
22 4
The number that comes after 1 and before 3. it is the answer to the worst math problem ever.
one plus one equals two.
by Brent sandwick November 25, 2011
36 19
Nonsense. Gobbeldyguke is simple to write because you write random letters!
hfbvsbndjgvnsjkirefijnfnbvifbvjisnoifvijfdnivsnifdb vioshfjih sihfdjisv fdi nvisdnfjknfdjk nisdjfh ifn jnv njfd svfd kijn fidfi vjinfdoji isfdijv ri evi fdi vijoi vf fdifid fd nk lsndfjkfdjk nfdklsn njkfd ldfnjk klk nfk kvsknfd kfln vdfkl kvfd. What a gobbeldyguke face.
by Brent Sandwick December 01, 2011
20 4
A mathematical sign that shows that the total is coming right up. Every day when you do math, the = sign is necessary.
2*100=200. (Translation: two times one hundred equals two hundred.
by Brent sandwick November 27, 2011
19 5
A nickname for someone who drives a remote-controlled plane and the plane crash-lands.
Man 1: Hey, airplane fail.
Man 2: My remote-controlled plane did crash-land.
by Brent sandwick January 01, 2012
9 0
A new word I made up. It is another word for "Book".
Man 1: I just started reading this awesome loomine.
Man 2: Loomine?
Man 3: I was with this guy when he got the loomine. It means "book."
Man 4: You should have gotten it from the context.
Man 2: Yeah.
Man 1: Anyhow, let's read the loomine.
Man 3: We're in.
by Brent sandwick January 01, 2012
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The fear of Friday the thirteenth. The Frigga is for Friday, the triskai is for 3, the deka means 10, so triskaideca means 13, and phobia is the fear.
Guy 1: So what's up?
Guy 2: What date is it?
Guy 3: Friday the thirteenth.
Guy 4: Anyone here have friggatriskaidekaphobia?
Guy 2: No.
Guy 4: Not me.
Guy 1: Nope.
Guy 3: None of us.
by Brent sandwick April 13, 2012
9 1