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1. safer way to say shit
Jon needs to stop touching my shizna, because it makes feel uncomfortable.
by Brent The Man December 13, 2005
1.a step above being loopy.
2.Crazy nut so.
Konraidy has gone a to being floopy.
by Brent The Man December 13, 2005
1. Some one is stinks so bad that their smell lingers for Minitutes afterwards
2. Someone who is such a jackass that you can't stand them standing around but have to deal with them non the less.
Austin you are such a Douche Nozzle!
by Brent The Man December 10, 2005
Irish meaning for a Piece of Ass
That lasie is a good for some pu-tang.
by Brent The Man December 12, 2005
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