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1. A person (usually a male) who thinks they are alot cooler than they really are.
2. They have no concept of reality and are very self-centered.
3. You just can't stand looking at them and ususally whatever comes out of their mouth is idiotic and just doesn't make sense.
4. They just don't get it whether it be their personality and/or fashion/style.
Spencer on the MTV show the Hills!

Girl 1: I just hate the way Spencer looks with that grin and silly goatee.
Girl 2: Ya not to mention the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Ughh...what a douche bag!
by Brent P March 25, 2008
Likely picked-up.
Able to be picked up fairly easily.
A spare that any bowler can pick-up with a high percentage per their own individual skill level. Also a girl/guy that you could pick-up with a high percentage of success per your own individual level of game.
This spare is definitely pick-upable!
Look at the cute girl sitting at the bar. Do you think she's pick-upable?
by Brent P March 23, 2008

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