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A vulva (pussy) that has labia minora (inner lips) and clitoral hood that are hidden by the labia majora (outer lips) when the legs are closed. This is in contrast to an outy.
My girlfriend has the prettiest inny pussy I have ever had the pleasure of toying with.
by Brent Lewis July 31, 2006
Someone who so frequently occupies themselves with receiving or sending information or communication that it resembles an addiction. Usually a computer, and often the internet are used.
Wanda is such an information junky, she browses the internet all day.
by Brent Lewis July 20, 2006
Same as marijuana, cannibus, hemp.
I wanna smoke some giggle bush.
by Brent Lewis July 31, 2006
A vulva (pussy) that has labia minora (inner lips) and/or clitoral hood & clitoris that protrude outside the labia majora (outer lips). See roast beef. Opposed to inny
If I was about to go down on a girl with an outy, I would probably go flacid.
by Brent Lewis July 31, 2006

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