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3 definitions by Brent K

1) An excessively amorous man of the bisexual-styled sexuality.
2) A sugar uncle
3) A sugar cane
3) Sugar lumpkins
4) A Russian girl who will remain nameless and will instead be dubbed "dickcheeseburger"
5) Please send help
6) They're trying to kill me
7) Help
"You are the biggest dickcheeseburger ever."
"Let's go to the park and have fun."
by Brent K July 02, 2006
1) The greatest gift you can give a woman
2) A beautiful thing
3) REALLY beautiful
4) Just don't gargle any blood
"I'm gonna tiger lily this dame."
"She will get the tiger lilying of a lifetime!"
by Brent K July 02, 2006
1. Derogatory term used to describe a person who hates the character Fonzy from Happy Days.
2. Just a general derogatory term coined in nineteen dickity two by Brent K.
Yo, this guy is a total shitrake.

Aw man, you don't like fonzy? You're a shitrake.
by Brent K December 27, 2005