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4 definitions by Brent Handles

adj. a gamer that gets so frustrated when losing or playing poorly during a video game, that he/she will throw their controller, causing damage to walls, controllers, tvs, game systems, etc.
guy #2: hey, you wanna play some COD 5?
guy #1: sorry bro, but you get a little out of controller...
by Brent Handles March 30, 2009
noun. also known as LCD. it's the state of fatigue, or the feeling of being disoriented after sleeping on a leather couch.
guy #2: hey you want to go for a run?
guy #1: sorry bro, i got a bad case of Leather Couch Disease...

mom: chuck! i told you to unload the dishwater 30 minutes ago!
chuck: mom, when you told me that i was under the influence of some serious LCD.
by Brent Handles February 21, 2009
adverb. a synonym for the word definitely. used to express complete agreement or strong affirmation.
guy #2: dude you wanna come to my party, it's gonna be super sick!
guy #1: defferson!
by Brent Handles January 23, 2009
noun. the inability to recall the simplest of details or solve the easiest of problems. a brain shit is much more serious than a Brain Fart.
guy #2: bro, you spelled cat wrong.

guy #1: wow. i just had a complete brain shit.
by Brent Handles November 24, 2009