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A Light Emitting Diode indicator light which has had too much current put through it and no longer lights up as a result.
When I hooked up the 9v battery to the LED it glowed bright orange, then it became a darkness emitting diode.
#ded #led #friode #darkness #sed #light emitting diode
by Brent Fisher December 18, 2005
1. Relying entirely on sorcery and witchcraft to get your ways instead of finding a nonsupernatural way to get the job done.

Comes from the popular Harry Potter instruction manuals about witchcraft.
1. Don't bother trying to pass the class by asking the queen of faeries for the quiz answers, all she does is practice Pottery.
by Brent Fisher September 26, 2004
A family, sometimes Catholic, that has more than 6 children. Refers to the way rabbits breed.
A:Did you see that rabbit family over there? B:Yeah, those 17 brats are going to violate the noise ordinance during the middle of the day.
#breed #family #kids #children #rabbits
by Brent Fisher December 18, 2005
A, usually female, modern witch (as opposed to medieval) in the process of being a jerk. The converse of "witch with a capital B". Portmanteu of "Bitch" and "Wiccan".
I didn't mind the smell of your dragon blood incense while you did rituals, but now that my friend is hexed by you, you're a complete Biccan!
#bitch #witch #wiccan #jerk #hex
by Brent Fisher December 06, 2005
A pathological desire to see witches burn, especially witches that were around before March 28th, 1754. Comes from the words "Pentagram" and "Pyromania".
Pentapyromania swept Salem, MA, when the grain caused hallucinations and people thought that the girls were witches.
by Brent Fisher December 22, 2004
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