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1. In the book and movie "The Hunt for Red October", a sharp turn made by a Russian submarine to look behind it with sonar.

2. By analogy, any quick, unexpected and radical change in direction, literally or metaphorically.
1. Dammit, she's pulling a Crazy Ivan! All stop!

2. Dammit, they're out of tickets. Crazy Ivan--let's go to the bar.
by Brent Dax May 01, 2005
The scissors found in the junk drawer of any kitchen in a developed country. These scissors are used for many tasks, from cutting open bags of cereal to school projects, but their name comes from perhaps their most unpleasant use--cutting the occasional dingleberry off of a family pet.
Help! Mom's trying to cut my hair with the dingleberry scissors again!
by Brent Dax October 09, 2004
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