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It stands for Can I Bust my Load on your Tits.
It was said by actor Jason Segel in the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
I asked her " Can i B my L on your Ts?" she wanted me to put my P in her V instead
by Brennan Henderson August 16, 2008
When a female disperses fecal matter onto the male's penis.
"Last night we got so drunk Sally ended up giving me an orange quigley"
by Brennan Henderson January 25, 2008
When a male disperces fecal matter into the female's vagina. Opposite of Orange quigley.
"Sally wasn't fucking well, so I gave her the good ol' Lazy Butterfly. She hates me now."
by Brennan Henderson February 01, 2008
When two males attempt to conjoin their penis' together by a knot like-thing. And attempt to get erctions.
"Joey is a silly goose, he wanted to do the Knitted Sweater, so we did"
by Brennan Henderson February 13, 2008
When a male inserts his penis into the middle of two female's oral area.
"It was soo sweet, Wendy and Alice gave me a French Vanilla"
by Brennan Henderson February 01, 2008
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