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a 110-sided polygon; rarely found on a sheet of paper or anywhere else.
I got bored so I drew a decentagon
by Brennan July 12, 2003
Relatively new, this not very old word hasn't been around for too long. Describing something that is of the utmost 'coolness', that which cannot be any cooler.
Sex with your mom last night was 'Da filthy'

'That plasma stick was more than filthy my noob-like friend, it was 'Da filthy'!
by Brennan April 15, 2005
a payout to say to people when a person deters a girl
Stop being a shkleef and repelling the girls
by brennan March 26, 2003
a bobble-head that is completely pointless and is an embarresment to the world.
Why do you have that shukalamuphadoo in your car?
by Brennan July 12, 2003
like cool exept better

this term came from me and my friends partying in my basement
homes thems kicks is crill
by Brennan December 09, 2004
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