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a forgotten term, but still used within the native population, where one man will lay his faeces and two other men fight for the right to have that faeces rubbed all over and into their mouth while being kidney shifted.
"Silenece while 'Classic Clay' is in play, today we have the contendors Phil and Matt fighting for Mike's Clay, winnner wins Mike's love while the looser win's Pandy's love, quite the win win situation here for the contendors."
by Brendas Got'a'baby April 13, 2007
Taken from the word 'spiggiting'. This is commonly used and known within the vast gay community as the "shove your nuts in my mouth and i will tickle them Parade". Several activities take place during the course of this parade, and one of these great activites is where four men gather round in a circle and squirt their mayonaise into each others mouth, the aim of that game is to see who cant take it anymore. first person to leave the circle gets their 'DingDong' chewed by a homosexual chimp.
"Do you remember that 'Malleting' day?? Can't believe Toby gave up, he was doing so well but i guess Mike was filling Toby's mouth up with his love juice quicker then anyone else were. Shame that Toby had his dick chewed by Matt, but oh well....I hear that Toby and Pandy live together and usually go to 'Malleting' days together now. Toby oonce did mention that "i love Pandy's COCK", those were his excact words, if i remember correctly."
by Brendas Got'a'baby April 13, 2007
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