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A female who is unwilling to kiss, or do sexual favours for their boyfriend.
Britney is a freeze
by brendan May 06, 2004
The worst rank of geek. A geek that thinks they're cool because they're '1337'. However, most g33ks seem not to be aware that ones level of 1337|\|355 is inversely proporsional to ones chances of getting a girlfriend.
Andrew Baxter
by Brendan September 13, 2003
Cockney rhyming slang for phone - the telephone.
''Pick up the dog and bone now''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
1. A short male (Scottish)
2. A small penis (Scottish)
''Grant put your wee man away''
by Brendan April 06, 2003
eastside? hell no.
westside? hell no.
northside? oh yeah!
my dawg santa
by Brendan November 12, 2003
Various symptoms of McDonalds overloading. Signs that your state of health is not good.
by brendan September 09, 2004
A Bart Simpson saying referring to his desire for another to eat his knee length trouser like articles of clothing.
Parents Evening
Principal Skinner: ''Now Bart, you just come back here right now and clean up this mess''
Bart: ''Eat My Shorts''
Homer: ''Why you little...say sorry to Principal Skinner boy''
Ralph: ''Don't worry about it Principple Skipster''
by Brendan April 07, 2003

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