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Scott and Moeller.

Awesome BMX products. The frames aren't too heavy and are very strong. The customer service is awesome as well.
I used to ride the S&M Dirtbike Classic, Zach rode the War Pig, and Paul had the Sabbath.

S&M Pitchforks have a 1000 year warranty.
by Brendan January 29, 2005
One who 0wns noobs. He has many enemies, all of which hate him for being so skilled. Someone who is known as "Moo Juice" is said to enjoy cluster bombing and wingclipping.

Often, a Moo Juice will be used to 0wn + noobs in large scale wars. it is often said that + never see it coming.
omgs that Moo Juice is so l33t, + is fux0red.
by Brendan March 28, 2005
A backflip with a rotation
eg. A Bio 540 = a backflip also rotating through 540 degress horizontally.
''Woah, that guy just bio 540ed the mole hill''
by Brendan April 06, 2003
to take a shit, freeze the shit, fuck a girl with the frozen shit untill it thaws out, and then you eat the shit.
"dude i cant beleive your into icy mikes"
by brendan December 29, 2004
the act of finding a flaw in a daily system and exploiting it to get what you want for free
getting a free refill at a fast food restraunt by drinking half of your drink then spilling it. getting a free refill
by brendan May 20, 2004
drug that has the following affects: dizziness
stomach pains
difficulty urinating
that hydromorphone is nasty but it stopped my cough
by brendan May 21, 2004
A small cock
"Wait a minute Jack, I've been in prison for three years. If she's been getting the short end of the stick, maybe she'd like to go a couple of laps around the track with us!"
by brendan June 27, 2004
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