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Short for Livingston. A town in Scotland of 90,000 people most noted for a skate park, shopping complex and football team.
I've lived in Livingston for the last 14 years...there's got to be worse places right?
by brendan August 07, 2004
uber paranoid urbandictionary.com user. thinks he is funny too unfortunately
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by brendan May 15, 2004
When you are smoking a joint and one side burns and one doesnt because of the marijuana buds not burning properly. Fixed by putting the lighter on the un-burned bit (usually associated with tobacco joints)
"stoner1" man i fuckin raped the j by accident
"stoner2" well re-light that shit"
"stoner1" aiight wheres the lighter?
by Brendan June 30, 2006
Acronym: Sea Surface Temperature
If the the disaster potential realised in the film 'The Day After Tomorrow' was to happen in reality the Northern Hemisphere would be in an ice age but for some reason the SSTs would remain high enough for the oceans to remain liquid.
by brendan May 30, 2004
Acronym: Global Forecast System. Probably the best weather forecast model available to the public at present.
Have you seen the latest GFS models?? Looking like major snowfall for next week!!!
by brendan May 30, 2004
Someone who thinks they got it, but they don't.
You think you're a bad dude. Reailty is, you're not.
by brendan January 27, 2005
voted coolest snowboard make on snowboard club uk
i just got a new rome flag 157 yeeeeeeeeeeeeah
by brendan March 18, 2005

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