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250 definitions by Brendan

mercedez benz
''damn did u see her merc convertable? fucking whack!''
by brendan August 10, 2003
adj. 1. Something fantastic. Utter brilliance.
2. To do something with a style only that of a geek could duplicate. (e.g. Beci Evans)
''It's a Spoffingly fine day today, isn't it Holmes? It's so Spoffing I think I'll go inside, make myself a glass of lemonade and come right back outside again''
by Brendan April 07, 2003
In the house. What someone might proclaim when they have arrived at a formal business meeting....or even just a totally stoned out party
''Aiight, I iz in da house so lets get down gurlz!''
by Brendan April 06, 2003
TV production company. I guess now defunct as I haven't heard a child say "dic" at the end of any programmes recently.
Programme credits finish...music jingle and "dic". There we go. The programme has now finished.
by brendan May 19, 2004
A sex position were u bend the bitch over chair and do her in the ass/pussy
Kobe- bend over bitch, or ill make u
Ho- Ok big daddy which chair u want me to use
by Brendan May 06, 2005
A film lacking in integrity - only viewed for a particular reason; commonly a "chick flick".
-What did you think of the flick?
-Ah, it was OK, not great.
by brendan September 16, 2004
uber paranoid urbandictionary.com user. thinks he is funny too unfortunately
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by brendan May 15, 2004