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250 definitions by Brendan

1. n. Food product coloured dark brown due to the cacao.
2. adj. Unlikely
1. Chocolate is yummy for my tummy.
2. "That'll be chocolate."
by brendan July 11, 2004
mercedez benz
''damn did u see her merc convertable? fucking whack!''
by brendan August 10, 2003
adj. 1. Something fantastic. Utter brilliance.
2. To do something with a style only that of a geek could duplicate. (e.g. Beci Evans)
''It's a Spoffingly fine day today, isn't it Holmes? It's so Spoffing I think I'll go inside, make myself a glass of lemonade and come right back outside again''
by Brendan April 07, 2003
In the house. What someone might proclaim when they have arrived at a formal business meeting....or even just a totally stoned out party
''Aiight, I iz in da house so lets get down gurlz!''
by Brendan April 06, 2003
TV production company. I guess now defunct as I haven't heard a child say "dic" at the end of any programmes recently.
Programme credits finish...music jingle and "dic". There we go. The programme has now finished.
by brendan May 19, 2004
Incorrect spelling of 'write', often used by people that take the short bus to school.
Kid that takes the short bus: ''now i no my a b sees i can rite and count two threE''
by Brendan September 26, 2003
A sex position were u bend the bitch over chair and do her in the ass/pussy
Kobe- bend over bitch, or ill make u
Ho- Ok big daddy which chair u want me to use
by Brendan May 06, 2005