250 definitions by Brendan

Scot's variation of "what".
"Wit wir you sayin just thir ya big daft numpty cloon heed ye?"
by brendan August 21, 2004
Bodybuilder's jargon for legs.
You got some big ass wheels mate, you must squat 200kgs right!?
by brendan May 28, 2004
Any person or thing who kills, destroys or in anyway insults the taliban or any taliban member by any means.
George Bush is a Taliwhacker
by Brendan May 07, 2005
The term 1337 is just an abreviation of Elite.
1 R T3h 1337 j00 f4g!
by Brendan April 18, 2005
See gibberish. "Jibberish" is a common mispelling.
-How do you spell gibberish Michael?
-But miss! I've already answered today! - ok,erm, J..
by brendan September 06, 2004
Used when someone is upset or cut. Usually accompanied by a finger scissor cutting action across your front.
"Oooo, Stacey's got cutties!"
Can also be done silently with only fingers moving.
by Brendan March 24, 2005
1. n. Food product coloured dark brown due to the cacao.
2. adj. Unlikely
1. Chocolate is yummy for my tummy.
2. "That'll be chocolate."
by brendan July 11, 2004
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