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250 definitions by Brendan

Parody of the name of rapper Slim Shady (Marshall Mathers) used by people who think he is simply a fake ass white boy.
''Hi my name is, Slimpenis''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
Any person or thing who kills, destroys or in anyway insults the taliban or any taliban member by any means.
George Bush is a Taliwhacker
by Brendan May 07, 2005
Really good. Often used in excitement/upon hearing good news.
-"I've got tickets for T in the Park next month!"
by brendan September 05, 2004
Scot's form of "to"
tae be or no tae be, thit is the question
by brendan May 20, 2004
A stupid saying really; used as a reason to do something one might otherwise not bother doing
its ok dawg u can get f*cked tonite cos its yo birfday
by brendan March 21, 2004
a little peice of food that is yummy (bigger than a crumb, but smaller than a peice)and if someone took it from you, you would freak out.They're so good.
OHH Bren, Look its a crinky.
YES these crinkys are soooo good!
by Brendan February 09, 2004
A musical instrument played by people in the special department that ride the short bus to school.
by Brendan October 04, 2003