250 definitions by Brendan

To change the atmosphere for the better.
"Everyone was having a good time then he came on and just set it off"
by brendan May 30, 2004
A hairy ass mother fucker that needs to shave everyday and also needs to learn how to fight by himself. They tend to group up and beat the shit out of other people and never stick to their own buisness. Also tend to think they own everything
That stupid camel needs to shave her back!
by Brendan February 27, 2004
Thing to squirt in a chicks twat so she don't stink like dead fish anymore
What you call people who are really stupid and should be shot
You're a douche mate.
by Brendan November 25, 2003
Used to define a place which totally sucks.
"I won't ever come near the Groene Driehoek, I heard this man Steenbergen was an awful idiot."
by Brendan February 04, 2005
Really good. Often used in excitement/upon hearing good news.
-"I've got tickets for T in the Park next month!"
by brendan September 05, 2004
A stupid saying really; used as a reason to do something one might otherwise not bother doing
its ok dawg u can get f*cked tonite cos its yo birfday
by brendan March 21, 2004
using your pimp hand to keep the gurls attracted to you..being a player
keep the pimp hand strong..
"will do will do"
by brendan February 22, 2004

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