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While fucking a pregnant woman, the fetus administers a blow job.
I nailed this hot chick in the third trimester and got a Romanian Pacifier.
by Brendan November 21, 2003
Used to define a place which totally sucks.
"I won't ever come near the Groene Driehoek, I heard this man Steenbergen was an awful idiot."
by Brendan February 04, 2005
Scot's form of "to"
tae be or no tae be, thit is the question
by brendan May 20, 2004
see you later......
peace I'm out....
catch you on the flipside....
(sometimes used with the 2 finger-middle and pointer- peace gesture)
John- Later dude
Mike- Swayze bro
by Brendan December 09, 2003
Long Range Forecast.
What's the TWO lrf looking like for that period?
by brendan March 01, 2005
Really good. Often used in excitement/upon hearing good news.
-"I've got tickets for T in the Park next month!"
by brendan September 05, 2004
adj. being too quick off the mark to fire a gun - or send in the troops in the case of bush - or fry the prisoners in the case of bush, etc.
Jay is a bit trigger happy, he's strapped 24/7 - don't startle him man he might pop u one.
by brendan May 01, 2004

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