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Originated from the sound made at the closing of the "Family Ties" theme song. Used after something incredibly dynamic or cool is said or done.
Your friend: "Hey, so I ran into the ho Carly. You know, the one who gave Kirk herpes. Yeah, I told her she smells."
You reply: "Sha na na na!"
by Brendan April 28, 2003
A typo that's kept because it inadvertantly looked good.

Edit: I meant shocking, but hell, it's a good typo.
by Brendan June 01, 2005
Absurd or crazy

Stems from ridic-ulous
You are acting completely ulous right now without any reason to be
by Brendan November 04, 2004
The guy version of milkshake.
What you have : a guys good looks and body.
My salsa makes all the pretty girls dance and take off their underpants.
by brendan May 06, 2004
when a girl pukes from giving oral sex
that chick got the ruddy treatment
by brendan June 17, 2006
My birthday. Don't forget to get me a present.
by Brendan October 04, 2003
1.Wolf (French)
2.Sea Bass (French)
1. Le loup traverse le mur
2. Le loup etait tres savouroux
by Brendan October 02, 2003

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