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Balls Out is a means used to get yourself out of an unwanted situation, while you are with a group of people (refer to the example).

Now there are many rules to Balls Out, as it is a very complicated means to an ends, so to speak, these rules are;
-Balls Out can only be called in reasonable situations; Balls Out to shooting that guy over there, is not reasonable.
-The Balls Out call must be audible; no mumbling.
-In case of a tie, Balls Out must be repeated by the people that have tied, until it is clear that one guy said Balls Out faster then the other guy.
-Seeing as the female population does not have balls, you may think that they don't have to say Balls Out...but they do...they are not above the Balls Out Law!
-The final and most important rule...
If you lose Balls Out then you must do the unwanted task, do not complain about it...you lost, so man up and get the job done!
Person 1- Balls Out to cleaning up those dishes!
Person 2- Balls Out!
Person 3- Balls Out!
Person 4- Dammit! Now I have to clean the damn dishes.
Person 1- Hahaha...yeah, ya do.
by Breid October 14, 2006

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