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1. A girl with ass and thighs so thick that if you threw her into a pool they'd sink her to the bottom like an anchor.

2. An ass the likes of Tahiry, Amber Rose or Elke the Stallion
Bob: Stripperworld has their A squad out tonight!
Steve: That light skinned one over there got a heavy booty!
Bob: Hell yeah, ass like that could shake the earth!
by Breezy Cartheezy January 24, 2011
A set of circumstances that might prevent an otherwise fun or enjoyable event. Also the sense of doubt or negativity one adds to an agreement.
We need to hang tonight, if weather permits.


If my girl says its cool, I'll totally come over tonight and play some COD!!

or possibly

Bob: So we're all set to go to the club?
Steve: Hell yeah, its been so long since we've had time to kick it together!
Joe: Yeah, but we can't stay out too long man, I have to get up early tomorrow. Plus my girl doesn't want me staying out too long.
Bob: Man Joe, why you always gotta add a bitch clause to the situation??
by Breezy Cartheezy January 20, 2011
When someone is obviously tired and/or dozing off, but refuses to acknowledge their lack of alertness.
Bob: Joe Anne, you look tired.
Joe Anne: No, I'm just...thinking.
Bob: Seriously, its bedtime.
Joe Anne: No, I'm awake!
Bob: Joe Anne, you're falling asleep at the wheel.
by Breezy Cartheezy April 04, 2011

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