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A cult 'church' that believes anyone who does not believe exactly as they do will rot in hell. They are most known for picketing by military funerals saying God is punishing America because the US is a 'f*g-loving country'. Not as well known is the fact they will picket high schools performing 'f*g-loving plays' and are planning to protest against the Super Bowl XLV because not everyone who attends these games is a member of their church. They will even be protesting against the Grammy's just because there are a lot of gay people and people who do not agree with them.

The preceding was an emotionless defintion. Here is my personal definition: Fucked up bastards who will probably end up rotting in hell because they hate people and forget that if they are with any sin, they shan't cast the first stone. See what I did there?
Westboro Baptist Church: Wanna learn how to be a hateful hypocrite? Go to godhatesfags.com. And yes, this is our real website. Look it up.

People with any sense of values: Fuck you Westboro!

Westboro Baptist Church: You disagreed with us. You are going to hell!

People with any sense of values: See ya there fuckers!
by Bree the Bisexual :) February 04, 2011

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