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the crotch region of a man (man cooter)
That bread theivin' biznatch socked me right in the mooter!
by Breasticle Festival June 22, 2006
NOUN. unwanted things/articles in one's inbox; oftentimes ads for erectile disfunction or free porn. These are often avoided like the plague (trashed) to prevent your computer from getting a virus.

VERB. 1.The act of sending/receiving said unwantedness. 2.When your computer decides to just log you out of the internet for no reason (or a reason), or it just so happens to shut down completely.
NOUN. "Damn, my inbox is full of e-shit again, which I can't delete fast enough."

1."I'm tired of all these goddamn E.D. companies taking an e-shit in my inbox."
2.Older computers will tend to take an e-shit when you try to open 80 windows at once.
by Breasticle Festival October 10, 2006
a way of referencing your package with a historical overtone (the Byzantine Empire, look it up. Read books 'n shit); your business; region, oftentimes that of a man
I totally saw that chick eyeing my Byzantine through the awkwardly noticably telescope.
by Breasticle Festival June 22, 2006

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