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2 definitions by Break Neck

A car mainly used for tranporting humans, however sometimes are used to lose against mustangs, particularly cobras, and are a total waste of time.

An over rated vehicle used to try to make the balls of a Camaro owner seem bigger, however, truly has the adverse effect.

A tool used to figure out if you're mustang is slow or not.
Ex:I beat that LS1 over there, so at least I know my car's not slow.

A car which has the prime objective of getting shit on by Ford Mustang's, including the GT, Mach 1, my Cobra, and even my 88 LX 5.0.
That kid's driving a Camaro? FAG

What kind of car does Silva drive? A Camaro. FAG

What kind of Chevy is to only noble one of the bunch? CAVALIER
by Break Neck April 05, 2005
A town that always kicks the shit out of Bishop Stang in football, baseball, and well, every sport that fucking school offers to their over charged students for a low grade education.
Wow, Dartmouth really kicked the shit out of Stang tonight.

Those asshole Stang Bangers always get shit on by Dartmouth
by Break Neck April 05, 2005