1 definition by Breach of Insanity

1. An attempt to recognize that we all inhabit one marble and should just get along despite our shortcomings (i.e., differences in religious faiths).

2. An expression of inclusiveness for all religious faiths regarding holidays.

3. One People, one World - all the same.

1. An on overly optimistic term in today's world.

2. Another bad suggestion for purposes of political (or moral) correctness.

3. One who desperately seeks to love and be loved by all.
1. My friend's dad is a black Jew who celebrates Christmas and prays to Allah. Every time he greets someone during the holidays, he says "Happy Christmahannukwanzadan" instead of "As-Shalom-Aleikum-Blessed-Umoja."

2. A dashiki wearing- twirled side-burn styled- bible thumper who wears a taqiya.
by Breach of Insanity December 14, 2010

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