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Latin-american version of saying something is "cheesy" (no exact translation exists, its a word of its own). Refers to people showing affection to each other or something in particular. Mostly used when addressing a romantic couple showing PDA, a very sentimental conversation or a very deep romantic feeling. This word is only used by the HIGH CLASS (loaded) people. This word was invented in the wealthy, private bilingual schools in Honduras and has moved on to Costa Rica, Panama and other Latin American countries. Every wealthy student from the private schools in Latin America use this word.
"Oh my god- that couple is so pony it just makes me wanna vomit!"

"Doll, I had the poniest conversation with my boyfriend last, its was adorab"

"Oh my god, my boyfriend is so pony.. He like.. took me to Paris for the weekend" (typical in honduran wealthy class)
by Brazilianbabe1999 October 18, 2012

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