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2 definitions by Brazenwriter

(Noun) A person living under a budget.
For this month, I am a budgie.
by brazenwriter July 18, 2013
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1)A reason that teases you. (NOUN - Categorical)

2)The season for tea. (NOUN)
Typically used when a BBC fan is feeling sad due to a sudden character death in a serial.

Also used when feeling incomprehensible sadness
(Explanation: Tea is said to be a 'hug in a cup' Therefore the teason is the season for hugs in cups. )
1) That teason is so ridiculous, I don't even know why I am annoyed by it.

- "simply because"

- "because I said so"

- "because he likes you"

2) It's that teason again, make me a cup of tea will ya?
by Brazenwriter January 18, 2013
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