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3 definitions by Braylen2047

Having or portraining to having testicles hanging more than the normal length.
At a frat party: "Look at that dude's Lug-Nuts. Poor guy."

Girl talking about her intercourese to a freind: "Yeah, It was SOO GROSS. His Lug-Nuts would slap me every time we humped."
by Braylen2047 February 10, 2009
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When an entire nation is aware of the Urban Dictionary.
Dude, look at all the people with an Urban Dictionary. We've become an "Urban Nation"
by Braylen2047 February 14, 2009
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The after-effects of shoving a stick of butter in a vagina. Usually happens when she sits up strait. It comes out in a round shape.
Dude:What the f*** is that?!?!
Girl:Oh, remember last night? Well, it had to come out sometime.
Dude:I know, but on the table???
Girl:What can I say? It's a butternut patty.
by Braylen2047 April 26, 2009
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