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the method of transportation that takes you home after a night on the bevvys of which u have no recolection of the following morn - often driven by the beer monkey.
oi howd u get home last night shatter? dunno brayd, probs on the stella bus!?
by Braydon McMullin May 10, 2003
making a fool out of a mate when he is bagging the coochie t-shirt competition
stop bein an ofah man this coochie is sweet as chocolate
by Braydon McMullin May 10, 2003
the coming togethor of 2 ugly people for in-humane sexula activity
oi leroy n that hoodrat is goin off for some shanks and bigfoot
by Braydon McMullin May 10, 2003
to be overly funny in every possible circumstance
man that Ross is gellar!! he cracks me up my bizzle
by Braydon McMullin May 10, 2003
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