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2 definitions by Branmanof44

1)To describe something rather unenjoyable aka Sucky

2)An area in the world where all things that are sucky come from.

3) a derogative term for Circuit City

Coined by: Necky of Brooklyn, May 19th, 1996
"WoW the movie Bio-Dome is Sucky City"
-This test is going to be sucky city

-A persons life could be Sucky City

-Lets goto Sucky City to pick up some movies.
by Branmanof44 August 31, 2007
Extreme, Hardcore, Extremely Hardcore
"O MAN! he just jumped out a plane without a parachute hes Alberdy."

Laughing while pissing out kidney stones.
Dropping the soap in jail and not getting raped.
Party Boying a Cop -these are some of the things that are Alberdy.
by Branmanof44 August 31, 2007