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When you have to pee very bad!!
Damn, I have to piss like a racehorse and my teacher won't let me go to the bathroom!!
by Brandy March 25, 2004
Cheering someone on
Yo girl, you go on wit yo bad self!
by Brandy March 19, 2004
"I'll fuck any one"
alpha kenny wun shitface
by Brandy March 19, 2004
Very spiffy, totally spiffalicious, more spiffy than anything, the best
Whoa dude, you are soooo totally spifforiffic! YOU ROCK!
by Brandy November 22, 2003
A very smelly fart and causes people to gasp for air and eventually have to open the windows.
I think someone died in here or someone let loose an atomic fart.
by Brandy May 15, 2004
The answer to a query that sounds plausible or as though the respondent is aware of factual data regarding the answer but is really just pulled out of the respondent's ass (see talking out of your ass)
"I asked him about the importance of religion in society and he gave me some assplanation about the subjugation of the masses."
by Brandy October 27, 2004
When you get off the toilet after taking a shit, and don't wipe your ass.
Wipe your crappy ass bitch.
by Brandy March 25, 2004
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