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1 definition by Brandonstealsfromgamestop

A place that is considered a business. It buys and sells used games often in the process stealing money from the people they buy/sell to. Gamestop usually hires people without souls. They draw in people with souls by advertising sales. These sales usually include things such as "Trade in 2 DS/PSP games and get an extra $10 on your trade in!(Trade in value must be store credit and it comes with a large deposit of your soul) The only time people with souls enter this mystical place called game stop is when they are looking for cheap entertainment.
Brandon: Yo man i Hear there having a sale down at that gamestop...
Denton: Want to go even though we have souls?
Brandon: Sure why not without souls the employees won't see me stick all of there PSP accessories in my pants and walk out!
Denton: There is nothing like free shit!
Brandon:Afterwards lets call then on a pay phone and ask a question and when they answer keep asking why no matter what they say!
Denton: Sounds fun...
by Brandonstealsfromgamestop August 03, 2007