3 definitions by Brandon Waldmann

A request made at a sexual entertainment industry that instead of being sexual it is just used to see if they will actually do it.
Brandon:Yeah! You read that book!
Trevor:Are you actually turned on by this?
Brandon:Nah, it's just a shoe on head.
by Brandon Waldmann June 21, 2006
Someone as rude as a cock, but as weak and as annoying as a pussy.
"Terry is such a cockginer."
by Brandon Waldmann October 18, 2006
Wavedashing is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Melee that is generally frowned upon by many players, considered an unfair advantage, like Mario Karts' snaking, to do it you press X or Y, then L or R, then diagonal down on the analog stick.
Steve:Ha! I win!
Bob:Bitch, you just kept wavedashing.
by Brandon Waldmann June 27, 2006

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