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1 definition by Brandon King

A new recreation that has recently become very popular in the recent generations of teenagers and men in their 20's.

In today's world, respect and power reigns supreme. As women have gained rights, they have begun to take advantage of their status as individuals and have begun to demand things like equality and jobs. These women think they have souls and are beginning to demand that men cater to their every whim. There are times when a woman is yelling at your face and becomes very annoying. In situations like these, the best solution is simply to slap the bitch. This is where the term bitch slap originated.

Unfortunately, we live in a dark time and these women have become more demanding than ever. Bitch slapping has become a recreation.
Josh: Hey, what's Rob doing tonight?
Sam: Oh, he's slapping bitches.
by Brandon King August 16, 2005