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The source of all evil. A program that blocks out all "inappropriate" material. Usually used by schools to block everything and to torcher students into insanity.
Your want to go to stickdeath.com but Websense blocks it.
by Brandon Dockery December 05, 2003
kil everyone who disagrees with you in anyway.
In order for our plan to work we must kill all who oppose!
by Brandon Dockery December 30, 2003
a mild to moderately offensive term implying that the subject is a homosexual, whether they are or not. A more creative alternative to fag, queer, etc.
Person A: Want to go see Brokeback Mountain?
Person B: Ummm...no. You should probably just invite one of your friends from the Village People to watch it with you, jizz pony.
by Brandon Dockery April 10, 2007
when your shocked by something or just realized you've done something stupid.
Let me stick this fork in the electrical outlet.....BADOINKLE!!! (sizzles)
by brandon dockery June 17, 2004
A slang term for "OH CRAP!", whoich is a slang term for " My goodness". Combines crap and dangit. Only to be used by Brandon D.
"Crap-dangit? I've been shot!"
"Crap-dang you!"
by Brandon Dockery December 05, 2003
the killing of pokemon because they are for little kids and gay and stupid. Death to them all!
Hey kiddies! Let's forget about Pokemon and try Pokillmon, gotta kill em' all!
by Brandon Dockery December 05, 2003

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