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Fake Emo music that people dislike.
Damn, this emeaux sucks!
by Brandon Burch September 29, 2006
A slightly mroe polite term for wigger, but sounds like negro.
negreaux being fake negro
Turn down that damn rap music you negreaux!
by Brandon Burch September 29, 2006
A person who is slightly overweight and runs, causing their nipples to bounce up and down over and over. Blinking while doing this will get them the title Blinker McNips
1. Jesus God, that kid is such a freakin' Nippletoast, he keeps running thinking he's so hot, but his nipples are the size of large pepperoni.
by Brandon Burch November 07, 2006
1. Canned meat that expires 5 years after you get it, and is made up of the following: Cats, Fish, Penises, Nippletoast, and Chicken Shit.

2. Annoying messages that are either repeated multiple times on one page or sent to a number of people at once.
1. "So at the Christmas party last year, I won a can of spam, and chucked it at my friend Jordan while he was kissing his fat ass girlfriend and screamed 'SPAM!'"

2. The words of a music artist on Myspace "Okay you little faggot, quit sending me the same damn comment over and over, it's really fucking gay and I don't want to add you you cunt muffin"
by Brandon Burch November 07, 2006
Being the master of all fetuses, usually chosen by an election by the many feti Plural of fetus of the United States. The fetus master can control fetuses, and understand their thoughts.
Bob- What are thouse stupid feti thinking?
Not Bob- I don't know, ask the Fetus Master
Bob- Hey what are those feti thinking?
Fetus Master- The feti say..... Fuck you
Bob- Cool
Not Bob- Yeah Bob, Fuck you
by Brandon Burch October 05, 2006
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