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The effect that Domino's pizza has on you abput 15 hours after you eat it.

domino's pizza company, as you may know, is a place to call when you're sitting around at 2:00 am (most likely intoxicated)starving to death.

However, your impulse decisions will eventually bring on the Domino's Effect within 15 hours or less. Signs of the Domino's effect are:
1) extreme amounts of gas, including farting and sulfuric acid/carbon dioxide belches.
2) trips to the restroom about 4 times per half an hour for anywhere from 2 - 9 hours.
3) green diarrhea and excretion of all consumed liquids (soda, water, beer, juice, etc.)
4) a slight comatose feeling

When you get the Domino's Effect, it's best to just wait it out. Don't make plans for the next day or two, and keep a trusty container of Rollaids at hand.
"We were starving out of our minds when we decided to call a pizza place. Domino's delevered 45 minutes later, and we were all satisfied. The next day, in the afternoon, I wasn't feeling good, when I realized: The Domino's Effect has started...."
by Brandon Brown June 19, 2005
Originated from film "Shaun of the Dead".

Used as a sarcastic comment of not caring, similar to "whoopty-do".
Wayne: "He's cool because he has nice hair..."
Shaun: "Fuck-a-doodle-do..."
by Brandon Brown March 20, 2005
Sarcastic remark of disbelief.
Joe: "I'm the best at baseball..."
Brandon: "Chhh... you suck."
by Brandon Brown March 20, 2005
Name used for someone who is: severely in debt or bankrupt.
Originated from rapper MC Hammer, who is now doing TV shows on PAX TV and numerous amounts of DJ-ing for High School functions and birthday parties.
The boy is white. He swaggers like a rapper, but sucks at rapping. His family is also in credit card debt up to their necks. The boys and girls in school call this boy "MC HAMMER".
by Brandon Brown March 20, 2005
Origin: Rapper- LL COOL J
(1)A white kid acting as if they are black and/or acting as if they can actually rap.
(2)John Lince's brother, Jared Fonda.
Ex. (1) The 7th grader is white, and wears clothes similar to what a Harlem gang member would wear, yet he is a wimp. We call him : "LL Cool J".

Ex. (2) Jared Fonda wears tight muscle shirts, has a black swagger, and talks as if he is tough. Hence the nickname "LL Cool J".
by Brandon Brown March 21, 2005

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