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1) v.t. Neuroadapted.

One is "zapped" when he is depressed on account of being elated at an earlier time.


There is an idea in neurochemistry that the proliferation of pleasure causing neurotransmitters (i.e. dopamine) will actually decrease one's sensitivity to those neurotransmitters (because organisms tend to maintain homeostasis. There various physiological mechanisms. The presence of dopamine, for instance, probably downregulates the dopamine receptor in the post-synaptic neuron, upregulates the enzymes that break down dopamine in the synapse, and upregulates the mechanisms that re-uptake dopamine in the pre-synaptic neuron.

Supposedly, individuals suffering from bipolar disorder tend to overshoot resting levels of neurotransmitters, altrenating between manic and depressed phases.
I got zapped! I was very exited after watching my football team win, and now I am depressed for no reason.

I can't stand strip clubs. I find it too arousing, and I always get zapped the morning after.

Never imbibe alcohol if you are depressed, or you will get zapped.
by Brandon Beaber November 19, 2004
A hand(two hole cards)in texas holdem (a poker game)that is a statistical underdog to all other hands including statistical ties and excluding hands composed of the exact same ranks. The etymology is from "nuts" - The best possible hand.


a) 2h-4h on a flop of 3h-Jc-Jd

b) Ac-As on a board of 10c-Jd-Qd-Kd-Ad

c) 6h-8h on a board of Ac-2c-3c-5c-7d
"He bluffed me out of the pot on the river and showed the rust."
by Brandon Beaber October 14, 2004
1) Any unintended amibiguity, divulgence, or complication that results from a written or spoken statement because the author failed to properly visualize how others would interpret him.

The etymology is from a poster with the screen name "KainMorpheus" on an online forum (www.intellectualwhores.com/forum).

Altrenates are:

1) "kain"
2) "k error"
3) "k-error"
Imagine the following test question:

1) Blah blah bleugh blippity blah blah?

a) Between 60 and 75%
b) More than 40%
c) More than 75%
d) Less than 60%
e) Between 0 and 25%

This is a kain error because the nature of the answer choices themselves reveal the correct answer (d).
by Brandon Beaber October 27, 2004

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