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A movie about two homosexuals which of course started a homophobic between catholics and Hollywood.

After World War 2 ended, 2 faggots took refuge near a penis shaped mountain called Brokeback. It is there where the 2 guys filmed their first gay porno and sold it to Ebaum's World for twenty dollars.

Eric Bauman, allegedly, masturbated furiously while watching the film. After viewing it, his collegues in the offices next door claimed that he shouted "Greatest. Film. Ever!!"

Later that day, Mr. Bauman uploaded the video to his website. He then claimed that he directed the film and should get credit for everything that appeared in the film. The film was constantly downloaded and recieved numerous accolades from critics and fans alike.

Near the end of the film, while waiting to recieve his academy award, it is revealed by the 2 gay cowboys that Mr. Bauman did not have any involvement in the making of the porno. Mr. The ultimate irony comes when Mr. Bauman goes to jail and stars in a new gay film called Prison Rape with Bubba.

If you ever use the term "I wish I could quit you, X," where X equals a noun, you have failed at comedy, and should thus go to work as a writer for one of the network late shows. This line is not so much old meme as it is totally unfunny.

Brokeback Mountain teh gay porno won 3 academy awards?
by Brandon "scary berry" Scarry February 28, 2007

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