199 definitions by Brandon

Is an orifice of choice where one will store his sperm.
Yeah we got it on! I filled her nut dumpster to the brim.
by Brandon June 23, 2004
Gang shootings or just shooting guns. Gun fire.
In the ghetto you hear guns go rat-a-tat-tat!
by Brandon May 31, 2003
Slang for practice
Used commonly as in the phrase "I'll keep pratce"
by brandon November 27, 2002
A Lion whose name is an acronym of HTML. He doesn't take shit from ANYONE.
"I'ma stab you in tha face"
by Brandon April 14, 2005

"hung like a mule"
Chic: "You're the best I've ever had!"

You: "Well, I'm a Bettes."

Chic: "Oh yeah!" *drools over herself*
by Brandon November 19, 2004
a vagina thats shaped like a plate.
Man, that's one big whhaerrre!
by Brandon April 14, 2004

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